Nor those running sci torp with high epg/drain/sec def to use tachyon to drain shields-it’s suprisingly effective. Especially since tachyon beam will proc a deteriorating sec def. In the meantime, I have been posting comments on current kinetic torpedo traits and mechanics in /r/stobuilds and in /r/Odenknight_sto.

Thanks for making this guide, next time i play, im going to experiment using torpedos only and try to get one of my friends on as a shield drain or something. Im not really very competitive and i play this game casually a lot, mostly doing campaign missions because i think they are fun . But even though im a “casual STO player” im still going to try this out because it sounds fun as hell.

The damage caused by the Gravimetric Rift is also amplified by points in Exotic Particle Generator and the radius of the rift can be increased by points in Control Expertise. Sci-Torp builds should still reference e30Ernest builds and videos. Omega Kinetic Shearing now does 10% of torpedo damage over 6 seconds, down from 40% over 6 seconds. This section will be lighter on written text, as most of the work I have completed via Reddit posts and video guides. I have some plans on someone, maybe I’ll see if it still exists. This torpedo was originally obtainable from completing the Crystalline Entity Event and its accompanying Reputation track.

The Quantum Phase Torpedo is a quantum torpedo, which means it deals relatively high kinetic damage on impact but has a slower fire rate. The radial quantum destabilizing blast inflicts -551 to all shield facing affected to ships within a 2-kilometer radius. The high-yield torpedo firing mode increases this radius to 4 kilometers, but torpedo spreads only trigger the detonation on the primary target. Since the Neutronic torpedo is a quantum torpedo casing, it impacts for a massive amount of kinetic damage but it fires more slowly than other torpedoes with a 15 second reload time. I’ve found that a heavy torp build paired with a science vessel/captain specced for drain is a really nice thing. Pop photonic officer, drain shields out again, repeat damage with a tricobalt or similar.

Thema: Chroniton Torpedo Platform Prototype Plans

The torpedo looks like a standard, but brighter, photon torpedo that is crimson red in color – as it mimics the color of standard antiproton beams. The shield drain caused by this torpedo can be increased by points in Drain Expertise. The video series will give you an audio-visual record of mechanics, builds, and in-game performance. This is the unofficial community subreddit for Star Trek Online, the licensed Star Trek MMO, available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

This guide will have a written component and a video component, with any user feedback and Q&A being addressed in either format. You don’t need the plans to do that one, that doff mission is just straight up buying them. Your Ships Doff engineer can give you a mission that is much sto platform cheaper if you have the plans. The attached image shows my rationale for the first iteration of my torpedo boat, the “Fleet Defiant – Kinetic Heavy Fire Support”. The logic is sound, but the actual execution in game had some mechanics issues that were dealt with in future builds.

It is now available through the Phoenix Prize Pack by exchanging a Very Rare Prize Token. A detailed discussion on shield mechanics and resistances will help you understand not only what you are up against, but how you can overcome them. Gravimetric Photon Torpedo procs a Gravimetric Rift for each eligible target in Torpedo Spread . Rift damage now properly scales with EPG, and Rift pull now properly scales with ControlX. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

If you cannot accept the fact that the current mechanics are intentionally stacked against you, this is not for you. If you cannot accept the fact that most of the bugs with kinetics may never be fixed unless enough people put the proper pressure on the Devs to get them fixed, this is most certainly not for you. I am a video gaming journalist by day and an MMO anthropologist by night.

torpedoes platform plans sto

When I was satisfied with the results, I took the build into a DPS run, and made a few more adjustments before asking the DPS Chanels’ leaders what would make this build perform better. The answers ranged from the virtual shoulder shrug to scornful. Noting that barely anyone knew anything about torpedo mechanics other than, “beams are better”, I decided to document my builds, and ask game mechanics questions from those wo reversed-engineered the game.

I like to use several Projectile weapons specialist Duty officers on active space duty combined with a fast firing torp like the kentari missiles to allow for a continuous stream of other torps. The current settup on my primary, torp-wise, is the Temporal defence torp, Discovery dark matter torp, and the kentari missiles. I’ll have streaks where I’m firing a torp every second or so from repeated cooldown reduction. This energy torpedo has an innate 2% critical chance and 40% critical severity. As an honorable mention, the deserves a moment in the spotlight as the first energy torpedo released in STO as it deals heavy antiproton damage. This means that it is equally as effective against shields as it is hull.

Tricobalt Torpedo Platform Prototype Plans?

It can be gained by successfully completing rare “Secure Prototype” espionage Duty Officer assignments.

torpedoes platform plans sto

For example, if I had followed that guide to the letter, I would not use a Defiant as a torpedo ship, as the guide stated that it would not be a good torpedo starship. I have encountered some very imaginative minds who have designed some unique, yet well-performing ship builds, so don’t be afraid to experiment after being informed of the mechanics and synergies. Although it is a projectile it deals antiproton damage which means that its damage is enhanced by consoles that increase antiproton damage. This makes it ideal to couple with builds that depend on antiproton weapons. Unlike most energy weapons, the Rep/Special Reward torps are usually far and away better than crafted torps .

Chroniton Torpedo Platform Prototype Plans

Learning how to make them work with each other, as well as boosting them, is integral to being an effective torpedo starship captain. If you do not enjoy playing games at the highest difficulty setting, this is not for you. If you get frustrated easily, and are prone to quitting, this is not for you. If you cannot handle being laughed at or ridiculed by your weapon selection, this is not for you. If you do not want to strive to be a better pilot, this is not for you.

Share your glorious in-game adventures through stories and screencaps, ask your game related questions, and organize events with your fellow Captains. Quantum Torpedo Platform Prototype Plans is a blueprint used in crafting via the assignment system. When taken to the Engineering Officer or Duty Officer Console in the interior of a player’s ship, they can be used in an Engineering assignment to craft the Quantum Torpedo Platform ship device. Without further ado, let’s look at the top five torpedo weapons in STO. Fyi for any questions/guides I would recommend using either r/STObuilds or r/STO as this guide is out-of-date and antiquated.

How To Use Torpedo Platform Plans

You can deliver spike damage to big targets, augment Science/Temporal abilities with specialty torpedoes, or blanket an area with a spread of destruction and secondary effects. With the release of Season 13 and the Great Balance Pass of 2017, torpedo builds will see a resurgence in both popularity and performance for EPG-based Sci-Torp builds in runs like Korfez & CCA. Those who are using a Sci-Torp hybrid focusing on EPG will see very large gains via fixes and improvements to Gravimetric Photon Torpedo, and the Particle Emission Plasma Torpedo. Those who play a Siege Ship will enjoy the Targetable Torpedo flight speed increase, so long as you have Torpedo Pre-Fire Sequence slotted. The lockout changes will hamper performance in short ISA runs, HSE runs when facing the Boss targets, and in PvP Alpha Bombardments . I have always enjoyed heavy weapons in video games, whether it be a 2-handed weapon, to a large missile launcher, to torpedoes in Star Trek Online.

To get stacks of deployable turrets for your device slots, do the Diplomacy / Marauding missions where you buy them. By the time that you put these all together you could have run several Tau Dewa patrol chains and had several thousand more dil, some mastery XP, and the love of a Romulan Senator’s daughter. There is a doff assignment located in the Alpha Quadrant that requires all of them and rewards 1000 dil. Photon Torpedo Platform Prototype Plans is a blueprint used in crafting via the assignment system.

torpedoes platform plans sto

The Gravimetric Photon Torpedo looks very similar to a standard photon torpedo, but perhaps a little bit brighter with extra specular effects as it flies. When it detonates and leaves behind a gravimetric rift, the rift looks like a small gravity well – a semitransparent black center surrounded by rings of shifting red and black. The addition of ETM and Ceaseless has added more torpedo throughput, especially to the autofire-spacebar spam builds. You should be able to build your damage however you want and be effective. Fawk that, I hope that one day the game is updated to include builds with a wide range of weapons. This guide will serve as an introduction to the use of torpedoes, what abilities and traits enhance and synergize with them, and advanced tactics utilized in high DPS runs.

Quantum Torpedo Platform Prototype Plans

I took to my Defiant, upgraded my DHC’s and Quantum torpedo, and decided to jump right in… I asked people questions so I could understand what has changed so much from the core mechanics. While I tried the all-beams approach and did decently well with them, it wasn’t fun, and it felt wrong on my little Defiant. When Delta Rising launched, I looked at what the reputation had to offer, and decided to play around with one of my fun builds, a torpedo-heavy Defiant bomber. As I started to acquire the pieces for the build, I noted several mechanics flaws and bugs, and tried to find ways around them.

To show what has changed and why it has changed, both in definition and tactics. By no means should my opinions be a hard and fast rule, as what works for some may not work for others. Instead, take them as suggestions from those of us who have “been there & done that”.

Captains in Star Trek Online often find themselves in situations where they may want a kinetic projectile to use when an enemy vessel’s shields have gone down. The game has a huge number of torpedo weapons available from photons to quantums to everything in between. The torpedo also has an innate 2% critical chance and 20% critical severity.

To excel as a torpedo Captain, you have to understand our biggest adversary; shields. Quantum Phase High Yield proc now properly drains the main target’s shields. E30Ernest is the expert on Sci-Torp builds, and should be consulted first if you are dedicating your ship builds to Sci-Torp.

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