Circle is an official Money Transmitter, which makes the company an open financial book. Money Transmitters are US money service businesses that must comply with federal laws and regulations. Before the issuance of USDC, the equivalent amount of USD is with one of Circle’s accredited partners. Consequently, all USDC tokens are regulated, transparent and verifiable. Besides, Circle is known as the crypto startup backed by Goldman Sachs. Stablecoins such as TUSD, USDC, and USDT are still considered to be cryptocurrency, and as such, any coin-to-coin trade or sale of these coins would be considered a capital gain/loss. Although, spending the 100 USDT is not the same as spending $100 cash – rather, the transaction is considered a liquidation of property . Again, if the value of the stablecoin is pegged to the dollar, you are not going to have capital gains. While buying stablecoins for cash and holding them is a non-taxable event. Even if the stablecoin has a 1 to 1 exchange ratio with the U.S.

Terra Collapse was Caused by Two Traders, According to Chainalysis – BeInCrypto

Terra Collapse was Caused by Two Traders, According to Chainalysis.

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However, we’ll spare you the details, since we’re focusing on USDC or USDT instead. The case for stablecoins became much more compelling in 2020. A USD-pegged stablecoin for global payments issued on Stellar protocol. However, most of the other stablecoins also have similar clauses. 1) A user sends a request to the USDC issuer to redeem an equivalent amount of USD for USDC tokens. 3) The newly minted USDC are delivered to the user, while the substituted US dollars are held in reserve.

USDC stability

You will therefore withdraw your orders and close your positions as required by such notice. If you fail to withdraw your orders and close your position at the expiry of the seven-day period, we will force you to do so and return to you the remaining digital currency in your account. The USD wallet in your FTX portfolio in Exodus will display any US dollars that you hold in your FTX account in the FTX Exchange app. Trust Wallet is one of the most popular multi-asset crypto wallets in the world, with over 5,000,000 users. The same principle applies when you want to peg-out from Binance Smart Chain and swap your coins back to ERC-20 tokens, for example.

Statistics of USDC/USDT showing trading, base, and quote volume in the past 24 hours. Success requires creative and customized operational strategies. Having the power to choose your banking connections puts you in control. A leading equity crowdfunding platform, opening up access to venture capital and angel investing. You will receive an email with instructions for how to confirm your email address in a few minutes. When the price hits the target price, an alert will be sent to you via browser notification. To receive alerts, please allow web browser notification permission. Like USDT, the USDC coin price remains stable at around US$1. While there have been dips and highs, these are quickly corrected, returning the value of USDC back to US$1. As soon as the deposit is done, your exchange will be processed automatically.

Is USDT Unsafe Since It’s not 100% Backed by USD?

But Tether also is not without controversy, which center around whether it’s fully backed by the U.S. There’s no minimum tokenization amount, and the process can take up to 2 business days. 2) The issuer uses USDC smart contract to create an equivalent amount of USDC. Furthermore, anyone from anywhere in the world can use USDC as a common and recognizable unit of currency. The alternative would be quoting prices in dozens of local currencies, which would be quite confusing. Pionex manual trade pageAfter selling USDC, you can click “DETAIL” and check your USDT. Don’t know the difference between limit order and market order? However when it comes to the fundamentals of the coins, we’d safe USDC is safer — although not as much as the USDT-haters may lead you to believe. In this article we’ll cover the differences between the two coins, and which coin we personally use and why we use it instead of the other. Our content is reader-supported, which means that if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.
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USDT is meant to always be worth $1.00, its purpose is to be the cryptocurrency to be used for storing or transferring value denominated in USD without the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Price and trading volume data of the USDC to Tether USD market on MEXC Global exchange. Tether has a global 24-hour trading volume of $56,957,677,244. Tether can be traded across 585 different markets and is most actively traded in FTX. As Cabital has no preconditions, you can start with investing a small sum of USDT into Cabital’s 30-Day Fixed Savings plan with a leading APY rate and watch your money grow. Withdrawing your earnings is also a breeze with Cabital, as you’ll be able to use the above bank transfer methods to withdraw your profits as fiat money. USDC ranks eighth according to market capitalisation, and it’s on the rise, albeit with a lower value of $50.9 billion. However, the 24h trade volume for USDC remains significantly lower than USDT at only $2.7 billion versus the latter’s almost $36 billion. You are free to convert USDT to USDC on our platform without disclosing your identity.

Learn more in this article about the differences between USDC and USDT. NFT marketplace 5% Fee off – Use code ‘altcointrading’ on or ‘altcointradingUS… Both FTX platforms support USDT, USDC, BUSD, TUSD and PUSD deposits. The situation with stablecoin trading is exactly the same on both and Read more about list of fiat currency here. But if all you want to do is swap between USDT and USDC on different blockchains, they do that quickly. You can exchange USDT and USDC either on centralised exchanges or you can use DeFi swaps. An overview of USDC/USDT on MEXC Global exchange, including rank. The faster, safer, and more efficient way to send, spend and exchange money around the globe. Fiscal Tightening Triggers Crypto Weekend Carnage Collective Western fiscal tightening measures sent the crypto market into a downward spiral over the weekend, falling past previous cycle’s ATHs. This trade involves risk, and not just the direct USDT risk.

How do I avoid USDT fees?

To reduce fees when sending USDT, the best way will be to buy USDT on an exchange that charges the lowest withdrawal fees for ERC20 transactions. Alternatively, you can send USDT via another network (e.g. Binance Smart Chain or Solana) where there is less congestion and the withdrawal fees are cheaper.

Its supply has decreased by 19% since its record high of 83 billion USDT in early May. There is currently 67 billion USDT in circulation, according to the firm’s transparency report. However, it also said $286 million of its assets were being held in non-U.S. The report also said USDC’s advantage over Tether’s USDT in so-called free float supply – the number of tokens that investors hold – on the Ethereum blockchain hit an all-time high on Tuesday among all holder groups. To initiate an exchange, you first need to deposit funds via crypto. Afterwards, tap the exchange option and select your desired exchange pair. USDT and USDC are both centralised stablecoins under the control of Tether and Circle respectively. If you don’t want the risk of having your assets frozen, use a decentralised stablecoin instead.

Tether, or USDT, enjoyed a multi-year early mover’s advantage before USD Coin was even conceptualized. Unfortunately, you may find that many exchanges and trading platforms simply don’t support USDC trading. Luckily, though, swapping between USDT and USDC is relatively easy if you ever need to go back and forth. As for the technical aspects of the token, USD Coin is similar to most other cryptocurrencies in that it uses blockchain technology. More specifically, it is built on top of existing blockchains such as Ethereum and Algorand. USDC’s biggest competitor, Tether, uses a similar approach and is available on even more cryptocurrency networks. While several tokens, including the popular Tether , are pegged to the dollar, USD Coin has tried to position itself as a more legitimate and trustworthy option. Let’s explore how it manages to achieve that and why it is rapidly gaining market share. Now, some cryptocurrencies are aiming to fix that problem by offering a digital token that is equivalent to the US dollar. USD Coin accomplishes exactly this and is part of a growing class of cryptocurrencies called stablecoins.
convert usdc to usdt
Seamlessly transfer U.S. dollars from a bank account, settle them as USDC in a Circle Account, and put it to work on many of the world’s leading blockchains. You can also automatically sweep USDC that arrives in the deposit address connected to your Circle Account back into your corporate bank account. USDC can seamlessly flow from the crypto exchange of your choice into US Dollars in a bank account. The trade volume for USDT is a testament to the stablecoin’s popularity. As of this time of writing, the 24h trade volume of USDT clocks in at almost $36 billion — a significantly higher amount than the second-place currency (ETH at $21.3 billion). Meanwhile, USDT’s market capitalisation is still steadily increasing in spite of the competition, with a current value of $78 billion. Since January 2021, the demand and supply of stablecoins have skyrocketed and continues to grow steadily, exceeding a combined market cap of over $151 billion in January 2022. While every USD-backed stablecoin is worth US$1, the stablecoin you’ll choose to buy is dependent on the blockchain and applications you’ll be using. For example, while the Binance USD can be used outside of the Binance ecosystem, most of its appeal lies in its large user base on Binance and the 90+ trading pairs available on the chain.

Comparing USDC verses USDT:

If it didn’t, there’s no particular reason multi-billion dollar hedge funds wouldn’t buy this down to the yield of an equivalent US treasury or similar. If you really disagree, you can even short USDT, by borrowing USDT on Compound at 4.2%. Then use that to buy USDC and supply it on Compound at 4.9%. If USDT collapses, you’ll make nearly 100% as you’ll only have to buy back now worthless USDC. In fact the market will even pay you take this position, with the only risk being if USDC collapses relative to USDT.

Like USDT or any other USD-backed token, its price remains fixed at $1. This OTC interface is open and you won’t face limits on minimum traded volume. You will still trade with zero fees, though – the quote is final like in any other OTC. This is how to sell or convert a stablecoin on either of the FTX duo. Bitforex likewise doesn’t trade fiat and doesn’t require KYC. They are a much smaller exchange however and reportedly paint trades copied from other exchanges. No other stablecoin markets are listed on Phemex though, only this one between USDC and USDT.

Once you provide the data required for your exchange, our algorithm monitors multiple major exchange platforms for the best Tether USD to USD Coin conversion rate. One of the reasons why Trust Wallet is so popular is that it enables you to securely store thousands of digital assets on multiple different chains, including all the leading stablecoins. Along with the need for stablecoins in DeFi and trading, institutions across the world are using stablecoins to make cross-border (or intra-border) payments in a fraction of the time as fiat payments. This trend accelerated in 2020, with businesses increasingly relying on cryptocurrency for payments. Many companies prefer to transact with a currency that is tied to the global reserve currencies. With 24/7 availability, near instant settlement, and lower fees, people are turning to cryptocurrency to make payments. That is the major difference between USD and USDT, USDC, and the other stablecoins — the latter options are available on the blockchain. The advantage of using an existing blockchain platform is that stablecoin developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel and create their own network from scratch. The Ethereum platform has also already reached critical mass in terms of support from third-party providers such as wallets. In simpler terms, this means you can store USDC tokens on dozens of existing digital wallets.

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How Does USDC Work?.

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While the first stablecoins maintained pure cash reserves, many have adopted low-risk assets such as treasury bonds as well. Either way, an equivalent amount of money needs to exist before units of the stablecoin can be minted. Launched in 2018, USD Coin is a relatively new digital currency that has its value pegged to the US dollar. In case you haven’t heard about stablecoins yet, they are a distinct class of cryptocurrencies. CoinMetrics looked at blockchain data since May 9, when UST lost its peg to the U.S. dollar. The firm identified 147 Ethereum wallet addresses that increased their USDC balance by at least $1 million while decreasing their USDT balance by at least $1 million.
Data shows USD coin has become the stablecoin of choice on the Ethereum blockchain, not the larger tether . Once transaction will be confirmed and the exchange processed you will receive cryptocurrency to the recepient address. Current interest rates for lending USDC DeFi Rate is one tool where you can view current APY on different coins. The top ten lending providers here offer interest rates ranging between 2-9% for lending USD Coin, with an average of 4.4% monthly APY. USDC ranks 11th in market cap at $34.7 billion, nearly half of USDT’s total. Its 7-day trade volume is $5.5 billion and $90.5 billion traded in the past 30 days. Binance has their own stablecoin and Dai is an Ethereum-based one, designed to function specifically on those networks.

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